PayPay Hackathon in Product


Things that innovate
PayPay product



5 members in
1 team at max.


Develop a working prototype in 2 days.


Give a presentation and demo within 180 seconds.


CEO award


Team Members Thanaphoom Babparn
Julien Kasarherou
Amit Bhasin
Ben Deckys

Team Comments It was an amazing experience to participate in the PayPay Hackathon, we had a lot of fun!
We brainstormed to find an idea, and saw the opportunities to make a valuable feature and improve the quality of life for our users.
Thinking about a prototype, discussing it with the team members, then fine-tuning it to the possible deliverables given the short timeframe, was a great experience that we don't usually get outside of the Hackathon. It was great fun.
Thank you for the award!

Most Popular Award

Team Pandas

Team Members Saad Burney
Bibi Kaneda
Steven Candra
Pallavi Verma
Linsai Chen

Team Comments Pallavi (Polly): This was my first time participating in a hackathon, and it was an exciting opportunity to think and showcase the possibilities outside the business constraints for me. I loved that I got to collaborate and make work friends outside my usual team; all of them had incredible energy. I am looking forward to working and celebrating another win with them in the next Hack!!

Business Hack Award
(Selected by Baba-san)

The Three Bears 🐨🐻🐨

Team Members Katie Cai
Jason Rigby
Botond E. Mathe

Team Comments Exploring emerging technologies in the context of PayPay Product was really fun, and it’s amazing what can be done in such a short time. The calibre of the event was extremely high and we were blown away by everyone’s result.
We are honoured to have received the business hack award. Thank you for the opportunity!

Business Hack Award
(Selected by Yasuda-san)


Team Members John Cyrus Palanca Pishva
Raza Elahi
Pranav Gajjewar
Rei Truong
Keisuke Murata

Team Comments We tried to maximize our idea with minimum effort. We did lot of short cut and spend more creativity to core value. We made our product good enough for demo with executable code. We always care of members workload. Team member did jump in to each others work and help.

However, we had the perfect user journary and the actor actress as Ana. Hope we did provide some posibility of business ideas and also showed how we enjoyed the hackathon in PayPay.

Special Hack Award


Team Members Denzil Suares
Marius Eikenes
Artur Akhtyamov
Arjun Pandey

Team Comments We would like to thank the reputed judges and the organizing team for your time and dedication.
Team work makes the dream work :-)
Getting Special Hack award would not be possible without the team effort and dedication of every team member.
Our idea wasn't directly related to the Business Application, hence we felt we had lower chances of winning the award.
But everyone in the OpsPixie team trusted each other and worked for each other to bring the idea closer to the business.
Lots of reviews, code changes, slide modifications, losing hope sometimes in between and then encouraging each other :-)
PayPay Hackathon was a great experience and we would love to participate again in future