PayPay Hackathon in Product


Group Synergies



5 members in
1 team at max.


Develop a working prototype in 2 days.


Give a presentation and demo within 210 seconds.


CEO Award

Smart Assets

Team Member Anh Vu / Hungquoc nguyen / Minh Nguyen
/ Bibi Kaneda

Team Comments Winning this prize was an incredible moment for all of us!
We want to thank the financial services teams for hosting study sessions that taught us about their challenges. From there, we took a closer look at our own data and identified a potential user group that was hesitant towards insurance and investment. Then, our desire to gently encourage this group to take their first steps towards financial services inspired and prompted us to come up with our winning idea.
Thanks to our members' stellar teamwork, we managed to convey our ideas in a very simple way. Our great team composed of a product manager, a data analyst, and engineers was not only great at building things but also professional in communication. We are grateful to the Hackathon for bringing us together and extend a huge thanks to the organizers that hosted it and provided us with this opportunity.

COO Award
(Selected by Yasuda-san)

Decision Makers

Team Member Deepika Babbar / Deepak Kataria / Abhinav Jaiswal

Team Comments We're pleased to have been honored with the PayPay COO Award! We express our gratitude to the judges for recognizing and valuing our idea and efforts.In the context of a Hackathon focused on group synergies, we tried to create something that could help users leverage the PayPay group's platform to increase their gains. Formulating our idea was a collaborative effort and after numerous deliberations, we ultimately settled on the idea we believed would effectively address the most significant user problem. Each team member played their own pivotal role, contributing to our overall success.
The Hackathon served as a valuable learning opportunity, allowing us to navigate through failures and successes and present our work to management. Our laughter-filled development process proved both productive and rewarding!

COO Award
(Selected by Baba-san)


Team Member Sanchit Goyal / Mihir Pathak / Ankit Kumar
/ Aakash Prakash

Team Comments I think all of our team members were really surprised to hear that we had won the PayPay COO award.
The main challenge was designing the UI, as we were all backend engineers. Our presentation skills were also put to the test since we only had 3.5 minutes to present.
Our primary focus while coming up with the idea was making sure we could fully utilize PayPay's user base so that Japanese people could build investment habits without causing too much pain to their wallets.

PayPay Card CEO Award


Team Members Arjun Pandey / Denzil Suares / Emam Uddin
/ Mritunjaya Sharma

Team Comments We are overjoyed to have won this esteemed prize for the SIEM solution we presented in the Hackathon. We addressed the effective, proactive management of security events & information amongst PayPay's group companies, which is a fundamental need in cybersecurity.
Given the growing number of hazards in the digital world, we made an effort to provide our group companies with guidance on how to improve security postures across the board.
Without our brilliant team's combined efforts, we wouldn't have been able to win this award. Every member brought their unique abilities and viewpoints to the table, which helped our SIEM solution succeed.

PayPay Securities CEO Award

Tokyo Wall Street

Team Members Lokesh Sharma / Vishwanath Seshappa / Ruchi Maurya
/ Prasad Shirwadkar

Team Comments We are thrilled to share that our team emerged from the recent Hackathon as the proud winners of the PayPay Securities CEO Award. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in this competition and are honored to have our hard work and dedication recognized.

As a team, we tried to showcase our ability to think outside the box and address real-world problems through creative solutions. The uniqueness and potential impact of our project ultimately led to our success in the competition. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are excited to continue building upon this success in future endeavours with PayPay.

We also greatly appreciate the dedication and effort of the Hackathon organizers in creating a memorable and impactful event.

Most Popular Award

Team X

Team Members Vishal Bagi / Timmy Liu / Manish Dwivedi
/ Sunackshi Sharma / Amitkumar Srivastava
/ Gaurav Mehta
Team Comments Our hackathon journey began with a shared passion for financial empowerment.
Our problem statement came from the personal experience of not knowing how much we should invest/insure to create a generous retirement corpus/emergency fund. Through seamless collaboration, our team harnessed our diverse skills to create a survey (chatbot) that collects users' financial information and displays their financial health. The challenge was in utilizing this data. We linked the data and its analysis to advise users on how to attain their financial goals.We also used this data to cross-sell and upsell insurance, investment, and other PayPay offerings.
Winning the award reassured us that even a small idea can make a huge impact with the right mindset and effort. Cheers!