PayPay Hackathon in Product


Data Science & AI



5 members in
1 team at max.


Develop a working prototype in 2 days.


Give a presentation and demo within 180 seconds.


CEO award

Twitter API

Team Member Yuki Kawano

Team Comments I'm glad to be able to win an award!
The idea was born out of focusing on the challenges I experienced in actual work. I faced the challenge of the time-consuming process of calling the ChatGPT API, but I was able to solve it by narrowing down to specific tweets using sentiment analysis and reducing the number of API calls. I made sure to explain why AI(ChatGPT) was necessary to solve this particular challenge among other solutions, and how it can contribute to PayPay.
The Hackathon organizing team was amazing, and I had a lot of fun! I had some great photos taken, so I want to send them to my mother and let her know that I'm doing well and working hard!

Business Hack Award
(Selected by Yasuda-san)


Team Member Shota Kashihara

Team Comments I'm surprised because I didn't expect to receive an award!
Recently, I had the opportunity to see my parents using PayPay up close, which sparked the idea from the perspective of "What functionalities could be developed specifically for the older generation?" It was nerve-wracking to create both the product and the presentation within a limited time frame, but at the same time, there was an excitement in showcasing the evolving product to everyone quickly and receiving feedback.
PayPay Hackathon was a lot of fun! It was my first time participating, and all the participants were brimming with creativity, allowing me to encounter unexpected ideas.

Business Hack Award
(Selected by Baba-san)


Team Member Dhruv Kanojia / Jahid Hassan / Vincent Han
Maninagavenkata Kalyan Sambhana / Khaled Awad

Team Comments We're thrilled to receive the Business Hack Award!
The idea for TalkBack emerged during a shopping trip, inspired by the need for hands-free payment, and the Hackathon allowed us to develop it further. Implementing user conversations and handling accents was a challenge, but OpenAI proved invaluable. Our unique idea addresses the overlooked struggles of a specific demographic in FinTech! Participating in the hackathon was thrilling, especially as it was our first time being part of the PayPay Hackathon. Grateful for this opportunity, we aim to refine TalkBack for an inclusive PayPay experience where we can make people's lives easier.

Most Popular Award

Dinner! Go!

Team Members Danning Shi / Jimmy Chin / Downey Tang
/ Zhihang Chen

Team Comments Winning the award is truly a surprising and honorable achievement. We are so happy that our peers appreciate it!
The idea came up because we get annoyed every day when trying to choose a decent restaurant. Why not create a feature to solve this issue? That's what PayPay Pick is all about! The challenging part was to make it more enjoyable and productive. We brainstormed and found a solution.
We must say Hackathon is our favorite event in PayPay! This event gives us the opportunity to connect and collaborate with members from different teams.

Elite Hacker Award
(Selected by Sam)

Hello PayPay!

Team Members Mehedee Hassan / Botond E. Mathe
/ Quan Ngo / Michael Groen

Team Comments We thank the judges for appreciating our idea and work, as well as all the team members who contributed to our goal.
It was a beautiful team effort to come up with the idea. We kept going back and forth, but decided to go with the one which we thought would solve the biggest user problem.
To stand out in a hackathon focused on AI, we emphasized our unique presentation and storytelling, and each member played an important role.The hackathon provided valuable learning experiences, allowing us to fail and succeed while showcasing our work to senior managers. Our laughter-filled development process proved productive and rewarding!

Hacker Geek Award
(Selected by Amit)


Team Members Bruno Sanz / Hilmi Rizaldi / Kenneth Hom / Joao Pucci
Team Comments We are thrilled to be recognized for our work in the highly competitive hackathon! Winning the award fills us with pride and happiness, knowing that our efforts can contribute to improving PayPay.
Our team faced various challenges such as adapting to unfamiliar technologies and dealing with the limitations of AI, which is still in its early stages. However, we overcame these obstacles and successfully created a functional prototype. Our dedication has resulted in solutions that could make the daily work of developers more efficient.
Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the next hackathon, where we can refine our ideas and continue creating innovative solutions!