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PayPay Corporation has launched a new mobile payment service on October 5th, 2018.
Our service provides QR code and bar code based payment system.

Our biggest competitor is cash.

We are now looking for someone who could tackle this difficult challenge with a positive attitude, someone who could polish our service with lightning speed, someone who could aggressively promote a cashless economy in Japan.
Join us. Be a Rockstar.



  • “Communication is at the core of anything that we do”

    On a daily basis, our team works with product managers, designers and engineers. We work on different kind of projects and different kind of feature launches on daily basis. The cool philosophy that we have is that we have to communicate, and then we have to communicate again and then we communicate someone. So communication is at the core of anything that we do.

  • “We are extremely diverse and unique”

    There are people from three different companies, which is SoftBank, Yahoo Japan and PayTM. We are from almost 5 different countries, that is Japan, India, China, Canada and Kenya. We all work across four different time zones, so it is extremely diverse and unique.

  • “It is a privilege to work for PayPay now in the cashless revolution!”

    It truly is a privilege to be working in Japan right now especially for PayPay, given where it is in the cashless revolution. Besides that, there are 36 million people living in the Tokyo metropolitan area. And yet somehow the city is spotlessly clean. You breathe fresh air. You eat good food. You are surrounded by one of the most hospitable people in the world. You work with people who are excited to come into the office every day. What more can you ask for?

  • “Do we have to speak Japanese/English?”

    Not really. While we come from different areas or parts of the world, we have interpreters who help us to communicate with each other. You can speak whatever language that you are comfortable with. What's important is your willingness to communicate. If you have that, we can figure out the tools.

  • “What we are looking for is your ability to solve problems”

    We are looking to hire software engineers, app developers, product managers and product designers. Now, each of these roles has its own requirements. However there is one thing that is common across these roles, which is the ability to solve problems. Technology will change, design trend will change. However what will help us in the long run is the ability to solve problems.

  • “Once in a lifetime. Join us. Be a Rockstar!”

    Once in your lifetime. So, if you are in for a challenge,

    “Join us. Be a Rockstar!”

Aditya Mahatre Aditya Mahatre

Aditya Mhatre

Head of Product Division