LIFESTYLE Platform starting with Fintech

To be the No.1 Fintech company.

PayPay is a fintech company consisting of diverse members from more than 40 different countries, PayPay has acquired more than 43M users (as of Nov, 2021) in around 3 years since its service launch in 2018.

Although the number of employees has already exceeded 1,000, we are half-fledged and still in the phase of growing. Lot of people are still joining PayPay to deliver new values to the world. We are still expanding every day.

PayPay is expanding its business rapidly to provide a “LIFESTYLE Platform starting with Fintech.”

Starting with the QR code payment function, our service area will expand into people’s daily life and lives themselves including payment for utility bills, tax, EC(internet shopping), food/beverage and hotels, on top of the various financial services such as banking, securities, credit card and investment.

Fintech market changes rapidly. There are lots of fierce competitions going on in the market. While we have many competitors, which are world famous IT companies in the market, we believe that our real competitor is “cash.”

While handling such huge challenges, we polish our product at an incredible speed which other companies cannot achieve. All those efforts are for us to drive development of cashless payment and financial life platform based on it in Japan at an extraordinary rate of speed.

Further, we would like to create a new history of the company along with the professionals who can bring the stage forward to next.

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