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PayPay's product development organization consists of seven teams divided by service line and technology area. Specifically, the organization consists of seven divisions divided by service line (mini app, O2O, P2P), s/w areas (App, Web, QA, etc.), m/w and infra areas (SRE, DBA, DaaS, etc.), design areas, and other areas such as IT control. The Agile team is formed for each project to realize speedy and high quality development.

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Product Development Product Engineering

This position is responsible for the hands-on development that supports product development.
Each project is organized as an agile team, so each professional has his or her own area of expertise.

Product Development Product Manager /
Project Manager

In addition to devising and executing a roadmap to achieve business goals, the candidate must have a strong technical understanding in order to perform a technology-driven service.
PayPay has a very large number of key products, and product managers are divided into different areas of responsibility.

Product Development Quality Assurance

PayPay has a QA organization consisting of 6 teams: 4 QA Teams for each product line, a QA Operation Team and a QA Service Team, which execute regression tests and maintain and improve QA-related infrastructure.

Product Development Other functions

Integration consultants and operations specialists are available to support product development.