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PayPay's biggest competitor is "cash. In the scene of "spending" money, the penetration rate of cashless payment is still only about 30%. We are working to refine our product at an overwhelming speed that no other company can imitate, and to promote the spread of cacheless payment in Japan and its use as a next-generation financial service.

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Business Merchants Business Development

This department is responsible for overall Business Development and Planning Promotion of the "merchant business," which is the second pillar of our business after the payment business. We provide B2B2C services such as coupons and PayPay Stamp Cards to more than 4.1 million PayPay merchants, including major domestic clients, in order to deliver Offers and convenience to users and to make the lives of both merchants and users more convenient and affluent.

Business Sales

The sales organization is organized by customer target, sales style, and role.
We provide solutions to a wide range of customers, from providing solutions for campaign tie-ups and sales promotions for major national clients to new and deep sales for merchants and partners nationwide. Also Sales operations support strategic sales activities.

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