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Now, let's change the world through finance, PayPay

Deliver overwhelming No. 1 service to users.
PayPay, which started on a smartphone payment app, continues to grow to develop an unprecedented, easy, and accessible financial service.
Starting from the business of "using" money in the form of payments, we are making user first services that are not bound by the conventional framework of finance, which are not only "using" but also "storing," "increasing," "borrowing," "saving," and "managing" all money-related functions.

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Meet our Team

Introducing the positions that will create PayPay's new financial services.

Financial Finance Business Development

This Division is responsible for Strategy Planning of PayPay's Finance Business.
As for PayPay's financial business, we have launched "PayPay Points Management", "Asset Management", "1 Day Insurance", and "PayPay credit". We will continue to develop various new businesses, including financial services, based on our Payment Platform.

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A sneak peek into the minds at PayPay.