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Further development of services provided on PayPay is planned in the future. As our business expands and the risks diversify, we are planning and promoting with a broad perspective to build a defense. Our goal is to strengthen our posture and build awareness as a safe and secure brand.

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  • Internal Auditor's Office, Internal Control Office
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  • Legal Compliance & Risk Management / CDO
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Legal/Risk/CDO CISO

This unit is responsible for building security measures to counter the various risks surrounding PayPay from all angles. Our mission is to avoid crises and reduce risks by accurately assessing the impact of risks and taking countermeasures in advance. In particular, in the event of a large-scale information leakage or system failure, the most important task is to prevent these incidents from occurring, as they would have a tremendous impact on the continuous of our business.

Legal/Risk/CDO Internal Auditor's Office, Internal Control Office

Each audit conducted on PayPay's departments is planned and implemented individually by the team in charge of each audit type, such as Statutory Audit, System Audit, Thematic & Corporate Audit, Sales Office Audit, etc. The team is also responsible for the development and operation of the overall audit management system across each team.
At the Internal Control team, has a second-line position, separated from the Internal Auditor's Office, it not only evaluates as a management department, but also promotes Internal Control Promotion together with the first-line departments.

Legal/Risk/CDO Government Relations

In situations where ministry-related matters need to be handled for business expansion, you will take the lead while acting as a coordinator both inside and outside of the company. The role will be focused on negotiating with ministries and agencies and linking with other departments within the company, and will be in close contact with management.

Legal/Risk/CDO Legal Compliance &
Risk Management / CDO

In order to ensure further business growth, service enhancement, and accelerated promotion of PayPay, we always check the legal aspects of new businesses and services from the conception stage, as well as whether there are any deficiencies that could hinder their Business Promotion. As a Fintech company, we aim to maintain a high level of risk management as a financial institution while keeping pace with technological advances and the speed of business.
The Data Strategy Department is in charge of data governance and is responsible for both the protection of privacy and the use of data in a defensive and offensive manner.