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PayPay's Corporate team provides strategic backup in terms of people, goods, and money to support PayPay's rapid growth. We support speedy management decision-making and provide strong support for PayPay's rapid business and organizational expansion.

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Corporate Enterprise Engineering

Rapid service growth and accompanying organizational expansion require speedy updates to business flow systems, and PayPay's corporate engineers are responsible for the in-house development of business systems that support all areas of PayPay, including the Merchant, Customer, and Authority domains. With the mission of "contributing to the company's growth through technology," the Corporate Engineer will drive development and operational efficiency with an overwhelming sense of urgency. The Division is staffed with members in various positions related to in-house development, from IT Strategy formulation to full-scratch application development and infrastructure engineering, and we work as One Team.

Corporate Strategy Planing/ Finance & Accounting

With the mission to drive PayPay's overall business growth, the team will formulate and manage the progress of short-, medium-, and long-term business goals necessary to achieve business growth. We will eliminate management-level issues and bottlenecks in PayPay's business growth.

Corporate General Affairs/ Corporate Communication

As PayPay continues to grow, our back-office operations also need to be changed on a daily basis. In this rapidly changing environment, we are constantly linking with relevant internal departments and external connections to strategically optimize our operations.

Corporate HR

We drive our business with "people" as the starting point by maximizing the power of our divergent members from over 50 countries and regions. We have assembled a team of experts to support the growth of our business, including Hiring, Organizational Development, System Design, and Global Support.

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Corporate Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance team's mission is to enhance PayPay Missions' corporate value by supporting appropriate and speedy decision-making and promoting organizational management that continues to meet the expectations of each stakeholder in PayPay, which continues to grow as an industry leader.
And Corporate communication is responsible for Public relations,

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