Work at PayPay

-From anywhere, at anytime-
What we values when working.

PayPay 5 senses. Things PayPay values for you to work.

Believes in our PRODUCT&TEAM

Enjoy growing together, believing in the product, our teams and that we will be the no.1 fintech company in the world.

SPEED is our bet on the market

Contribute to our users and the company by achieving results at an amazing speed.

Ego is not welcome, Communicate is necessary

Value communications and respect diversity of our colleagues. Work together and tackle tasks as one.

Be Sincere, To be Professional

Be sincere and work as a professional without making any compromise.
Create new opportunities and values.
Go through till the end.

Work for LIFE or Work for Rice

Take action, looking for essential objectives and values.
Try to take risks again and again and never stop challenging.

Work from Anywhere at Anytime

PayPay has introduced new HR systems including WFA (Working From Anywhere at Anytime) system to change its way of working.

Where you work and where you currently live do not matter at PayPay as we work remotely.
You can receive a salary and benefits which meet the global standards and work with world-class talents while working in the countryside. This is the kind of working environment that PayPay offers.

WFH in principleWork-from-home is our standard work style.
You can work from anywhere in Japan

The office was
the main workplace

WFH, in principle.
Work From Anywhere.

The office was the place
to get tasks done

Create value
through teamwork.

employee engagement.


  • Work-from-anywhere allowance(100,000JPY/year)
  • Commuting expenses within Japan will be provided wherever you come from. *Refer to the company policy for the max limit.


  • “Wework” offices are available all over Japan as our satellite offices
Job Openings

Treatment and conditions vary depending on a position